Purple Light Vacations

Purple Light Vacations was created in 2013 as a new and unique LGBT owned and operated travel agency. Its goal was to provide clients with added value at no cost such as personalized and customized service, valuable trip advice and destination insights including tips from locals (that are not in the guidebooks). An additional goal was to offer unique optional travel concierge services ranging from theme party costume design/construction to pet-sitting, pre-trip packing, pre-return grocery shopping or anything else to make your travel more relaxing and stress free before, during or after your trip. We have received very positive responses in our first four years of being in business, and were even nominated for a Nicky Award for “Outstanding New Business” in San Diego.

Where Does the Name Purple Light Come From?

Cole Porter About Purple Light Vacations

The name Purple Light in Purple Light Vacations is taken from the famous Cole Porter song “You’re the Top” from the 1934 Musical “Anything Goes”. In that song, the witty and bisexual Porter refers to, “The purple light of a summer night in Spain,” as being as impressive as Mickey Mouse and Garbo’s salary. The rather cryptic reference to purple light was how the gay bars in Spain in that period identified themselves. This was certainly not a matter of common knowledge. Rather, you had to be in the know. The benefits of “being in the know” when traveling are still tremendous and the inspiration for our travel company.

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