Costume Design and Construction For Theme Parties

Most of the LGBT cruises and land vacations that we offer include theme costume parties, contests and/or t-dances. These have proven to be so popular, that many cruise lines have added them to their non-gay cruises. Some people have no interest in participating, and others are creative and skilled in designing costumes for these events. Others, however, would like to participate, but do not. They lack the time or expertise to create their own costumes. Some participate but would appreciate a more personalized, impressive, or unique costume design than those readily available in costume shops or on the internet.

It is for these latter two groups that we have partnered with experienced Broadway-caliber costume designers in various parts of the country. * These designers will work with you to design and construct costumes for you that really fit you and that you show you off to your best advantage. They will find the right costume for you whether you are going for sexy, unique or simply fabulous! Our designers will work with you to find a costume or costume piece within your budget. Often, these customized costumes or costume pieces cost no more than those available on the internet.

See the photos below for just four examples of the kind of costumes our designers can create for you

* Costume designers are independent vendors with sole responsibility for their work.

Costume Design Sparkle Vest for White Party

Sparkle Vest for White Party


Greek god costumes designed for Cruise Olympic party

Bird Boys Costume for Costume Contest

Bird Boys Costume for Costume Contest

Group of Vikings

Group of Vikings

Costume Design